Gifu University and others are conducting demonstration experiments to enable automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) to be delivered by small unmanned aerial vehicle drones on a daily basis, faster than ambulances. In April, an experiment was conducted at a large-scale sports competition. For the actual operation, improving the understanding of the citizens and improving the domestic system are the future issues. (Hitoshi Sugaya)

 "I don't know if it will actually be available in Japan five or ten years from now, but it was a big step to be able to train during the tournament." Nachisho (46), a doctor who is in charge of the experiment and the director of the critical care center of Chuno Kosei Hospital, conducted an AED transport experiment at the 11th Naoko Takahashi Cup Gifu Seiryu Half Marathon in late April. I finished talking.

 In the experiment, the drone loaded with AED for training flew about 500 meters in less than a minute and was able to carry it without problems even during the competition. We also conducted an experiment to shoot a video of the rescue training from the sky and clearly conveyed the image. On the other hand, it was also found that a large number of personnel were required to actually fly.

 AED transport experiments with drones are being conducted in various places. However, even if the range of operation of the aircraft is limited, such as in a marathon event, it is extremely rare to conduct an experiment in a situation where there is a certain risk such as a fall accident. Mr. Nachi emphasizes that accumulating such achievements is important for advancing the development of a domestic drone operation system.

 In Japan, even if the transport capacity by drone is recognized, it cannot be actually operated due to the lack of domestic system and the understanding of citizens about drones. In this experiment as well, there were voices of concern about the accident even with the permission of the government. Originally, AEDs are often transported to unspecified places where patients such as cardiac arrest are present, but it is far from being transported by drone.

 Mr. Nachi says, "I want to take steps while looking at transportation by autonomous driving."

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