In Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, the fire department thanked the team members for saving their lives by using an AED and giving a heart massage to an elementary school student who suddenly lost consciousness while practicing basketball in February.

While practicing basketball, suddenly I became conscious ...

This February, a 6th grade girl suddenly collapsed while practicing basketball at the Tokorozawa Municipal Gymnasium.
Coaches and parents who were present called in and immediately called an ambulance.

One of the five guardians who saved the life was a nurse, and I confirmed the pulse of the girl child, but I could not confirm it.

From his own experience, coach Takashi Goto went to get an AED that restores the normal movement of the electric shock heart.
Mr. Goto knew in advance the location of the AED near the reception desk of the gymnasium.

Coach Goto "I thought this was a big deal. I had a little heart surgery, so I decided to bring only the AED. I was calling 119, so I decided to contact the ambulance crew and ask for instructions to use the AED immediately."

The person who pushed the AED button was Norie Aoki, a nurse who works at a hospital in Tokyo. She says she was the first to press a button.

Nurse Aoki: "I gave two artificial respirations and did not return (consciousness). When I analyzed it (with AED), it said "I need a shock", so I pressed the shock button.

As a result of the cooperation of others, such as pressing the AED button, performing cardiac massage and artificial respiration, heartbeat and breathing resumed before the arrival of the ambulance crew, and the girl child was then rejuvenated."

Letter of appreciation to 5 lifesaving people for "courageous action"

On the 17th, a ceremony to present a letter of appreciation was held at the Saitama Western Fire Department in Tokorozawa City, and the director of the fire department, Nobuo Kishi, handed a letter of appreciation to five people including the coach and parents of the basketball team.

Kishi Fire Department Director
Your courageous and swift action saved your precious life. appreciate.

Thanks to the cooperation of the people who were there, I was relieved to be able to save my life. The team decided to check how to use the AED in case something similar happened.

I was really happy when the girl recovered and saw the tears flowing. She was afraid to press the AED button even if she was a medical professional. She thought it was necessary to make people aware of how to use AEDs.

AED usage rate is decreasing Is it corona in the background?
On the other hand, there are some data that are of concern. It is a decrease in usage rate.

According to the Japan AED Foundation, which is promoting the spread of AEDs, more than 70,000 people die suddenly from heart abnormalities such as myocardial infarction every year, and it is important to take measures until an ambulance arrives. is."The AEDs used for life-saving measures at this time are becoming more widespread, and more than 600,000 units have been installed nationwide."

According to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the "usage rate", which indicates the percentage of people who collapsed in front of someone who received an electric shock treatment with an AED, increased year by year, and was 5.1% in 2019, three years ago. However, it turned to a decrease of 4.2% for adults, and the rate of decrease was the largest ever.

The percentage of people who were able to reintegrate into society one month after cardiac arrest, which is an indicator of lifesaving rate, was 7.5% for adults, down from 9% in 2019.

The Japan AED Foundation has given the following precautions to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest.

(1) Call 119
(2) Cardiac massage that presses on the sternum
(3) Electric shock due to AED

While waiting for the arrival of paramedics can save only 8.2% of people, heart massage can save 12.2% of people, and AED can save 53.2% of people.

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