WKRC video shows body-cam of AED being used to save Miami Township, OH man. This is why all law enforcement should carry AEDs. Click link below to view.


MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - An automated external defibrillator, known as AED, is what helped save a local man’s life.


The quick action from first responders is all caught on camera. It was a team effort from the Miami Township Police, Fire and EMS that helped save the 45-year-old man’s life in late March.

The Miami Township Police Department posted body camera video of the entire incident to Facebook.

In the video, you can hear a man at the scene telling officers, “He just collapsed and he said he wasn’t feeling good.”

Officers arrived just three minutes after the call.

“That particular morning, Miami Township Fire and EMS was dispatched initially for what was reported as possibly a person unconscious, but was quickly upgraded to a non-breather to a cardiac arrest,” Miami T ownship Fire and EMS Assistant Chief Daniel Mack. “In an event like that, not only do the fire and EMS units respond, but also the police department. Any nearby police units will respond because they also carry some equipment that can help us to save the life of a victim whose heart is stopped.”

In the body cam video, you can see responders using an AED to help save the man.

“It's perhaps one of the most important pieces of medical equipment when it comes to saving lives that’s come out, literally, in the last 50 years,” Mack said. “Miami Township Police has been carrying AEDs for many, many years, and we've had a number of times when having that AED there early has made the difference in being able to restart someone's heart.”

Mack says early defibrillation makes all the difference when it comes to successful resuscitation. He was on scene that day. Turns out, the person they saved is one of Mack’s friends.

“He's doing remarkably well, I'm happy to say,” Mack said. “If you were to meet him today and talk to him, you would not believe that he'd ever been clinically dead for part of that period of time in his life.”

A big part of the success comes from the use of the AED. Mack says it’s easily operable.

“It talks to you and takes you step by step in what you need to do. And even for someone who is very nervous, that voice is there to tell you everything that you need to do and it'll advise you to tell you whether to press the red button, which then delivers the shock,” Mack said.

Mack encourages everyone to take a CPR class.

“In the CPR classes that are done for the lay public, the CPR classes include information on how to use the AED. And we encourage everyone to take a class because you never know when you may need to use the information,” Mack said.

It’s a life-saving device that makes all the difference.

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