641—143.10(613) Purpose. These rules establish standards for the maintenance of automated external defibrillators for a person or entity that owns, manages or is otherwise responsible for the premises on which an automated external defibrillator is located if the person or entity maintains the automated external defibrillator in accordance with Iowa Code section 613.17.
Related ARC(s): 7551B, 3396C
641—143.11(613) Definition. For the purposes of these rules, the following definition shall apply:
"Automated external defibrillator" "AED" means an external semiautomatic device that determines whether defibrillation is required.
Related ARC(s): 7551B, 3396C
641—143.12(613) AED maintenance. The person or entity maintaining the AED shall:
143.12(1) Ensure that the AED is maintained and inspected in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
143.12(2) Maintain records of all maintenance and inspections of the AED for the usable life of the device.
143.12(3) Ensure that the AED is programmed to conform to nationally accepted guidelines for treatment of cardiac arrest patients.
Related ARC(s): 7551B, 3396CThese rules are intended to implement Iowa Code section 613.17.
Related ARC(s): 7551B, 9358B, 3396C