KY3 in MO reports Holister Police receive 14 AEDs after two previous saves, will make older AEDs available to other departments.

By Madison Horner
Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 2:00 PM PST

HOLLISTER, Mo. (KY3) - The Hollister Police Department received $22,548.60 from the Skaggs Foundation to purchase automated external defibrillators for the city and police cars.

Hollister Police Chief Preston Schmidt says 14 AED units will be spread throughout every city building and in all patrol vehicles. The city has three AEDs.

“It’s all about availability, we all know they save lives and with the availability, we have the opportunity to possibly help and be there before an ambulance or emergency services get there,” said Chief Schmidt.

With the new equipment, city employees will be able to provide lifesaving care to individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

“We’ve already started the training process and even before the city received these AEDs city employee staff went through an annual hands-on CPR and now they will go through annual AED training.”

Hollister City Administrator Rick Ziegenfuss says you never know when an emergency will occur. It’s important to be prepared.

”We’ve saved two lives using AEDs,” said Ziegenfuss. “We know they actually work.”

Ziegenfuss says if you’re a city employee, the community assumes you can help in some way.

”People look to you to be a part of the solution and we want our people to feel confident they can do that,” Ziegenfuss said.

”Just know that if you encounter a cardiac emergency, if you see or are close to a city building or if you see a law enforcement officer contact us right away because we will be able to help,” Chief Schmidt said.

Chief Schmidt says the old AED units will be donated to another department in need.

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